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Men's Hair & Beard Care Kit
Men's Hair & Beard Care Kit
Men's Hair & Beard Care Kit
Men's Hair & Beard Care Kit
Men's Hair & Beard Care Kit
Men's Hair & Beard Care Kit
Men's Hair & Beard Care Kit
Men's Hair & Beard Care Kit
Men's Hair & Beard Care Kit

Men's Hair & Beard Care Kit

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Prepare for a revolution to hit your luscious beard, with the Fifth Estate Co. hair & beard care kit comprising a beard oil for night time use, beard balm for morning use and shampoo & conditioner.

Beard Oil
Beard oils are crafted to nourish and condition the skin beneath a beard. We know that beards do not typically absorb nutrients, so ensuring the skin is well nourished is the next best bet.

Our beard oils are designed to minimise dry skin, deal with ‘beardruff’, and create the foundation of healthy beard growth.

Beard Balm
Beard balms are designed for the wiry hair on the chin. Beard hair is dead keratin, and does not typically absorb nutrients. When the hair is there, the real aim of a beard balm is to condition that hair, and offer some light style for the potentially wild hairs.

Balms do not tend to shine and offer invisible support for a beard and condition throughout the day. The scent of balms are lighter than beard oils, as men wear the balm right beneath their nose for the entire day.

Daily Shampoo

Wash your hair with a natural shampoo that cleanses your hair by removing build-up using an Australian native herb, Tasmanian River Mint. 

Use this shampoo daily to support building body, strengthening your hair, and soothing your scalp. We include ginger to cleanse and freshen your hair, along with Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry extract.

Daily Conditioner

Deliver an abundance of moisture and protein straight to your hair with this natural Australian-made conditioner. Leveraging Australian native extracts like Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry, this hair conditioner aims to condition and strengthen your hair. We include nettle leaf extract and green and black tea infused water to sooth your scalp.


In the morning… warm a tiny amount of balm in hands until dissolved. Use a downward motion to massage the beard balm into each of the hairs of the beard. Beard balms are best applied in the mornings, as part of the morning routine.

At night… Apply a small amount (usually a pipette or less) directly to the skin beneath the beard. For larger beards, this may take some navigation, but aim for as close to the skin as possible. Massage into the skin and allow to naturally absorb over the next hour or so. Beard oil is best applied at night, so the beard only glistens when at home in the evening, and to allow the time asleep to grow a natural and healthy beard.

Each kit contains:

1 x beard oil

1 x beard balm

1x daily shampoo

1x daily conditioner