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Make Your Style Natural

You’ve worked hard to develop your personal style. The right shoes, the right shirts, they’re all important.

Putting effort into your appearance makes you come across as more confident and put together - more adult - to everyone from romantic partners, coworkers and employers.

Plus, you want to look good in that Instagram story, right?

Fifth Estate’s line of Tasmanian-made natural hair products combine your desire to both look good and spend your money supporting environmentally-responsible goods and companies.

Why choose Fifth Estate?

Environmentally Responsible

Studies show people in their 20s and 30s are willing to spend a little more to support environmentally-sustainable products and companies. That’s why we’re committed to offering you hair wax, hair pomade and other grooming and style products that are in line with our core vision: To see a commercial landscape that respects the consumer and the environment they live within.

The ingredients used in many mainstream personal care products are sourced in ways that damage the environment. Further damage is done when they wash down your sink or bathtub drain, winding up in drinking water as well as in the other food and beverages you otherwise eat and drink.

TIP: Do your research. When considering a product find out if the company has explicitly explained where it gets its ingredients from and how.

Ingredients You Can Understand

Hair and other grooming and style products often use petrochemicals you need a science degree to decipher. Five minutes of Google searching can leave you so confused and dismayed to the point you’d never go near one again. The only thing more disturbing than not knowing what’s in that hair pomade is knowing what’s in that hair pomade.

Fifth Estate’s hair pomade and wax are beeswax-based and contain ingredients you’ll easily recognise. You won’t find parabens, animal fats, sulfates, or other chemicals and products most companies don’t want you to understand. We’re committed to being as simple as possible, using ethically-sourced ingredients in every one of our Australian-made products.

Tip: It’s not just what ingredients *are* used. Also look for clear statements about what kinds of ingredients *aren’t* used.

Good For You

Some points to consider when making your hair styling purchase decision:

● Hair is porous and absorbs what’s put on it, so the same chemicals you’re putting on your body you’re putting *in* your body.

● Natural hair products aren’t as harsh on your body, while those made from artificial chemicals can cause rashes, irritate allergies and more.

● The chemicals other companies use not only enter your body but are often stored in fatty tissues, which can cause long-term health problems when they build up.

● The aroma is more natural, meaning you’ll smell more like “a human being that has taken care of himself” and less like “sport scent,” whatever that is.

Tip: Expand your perspective and consider how the hair care items you buy might affect your overall health.

No More Cycling Through Products

Self-care products that include harmful chemicals and other artificial ingredients often start out seeming to work wonders. Those results diminish over time though, and after a while your hair isn’t quite as spectacular as it was that first week. That’s because your body builds up a tolerance to those ingredients.

With natural hair care products, that doesn’t happen. You’ll see the same amazing results looking in the mirror months after beginning to use them as you did the first week. That means you get the same great look without the frustration of having to research and try a new product every few months.

Tip: Save time and energy by choosing a product you can stick with and recommend to friends.

Make the Fifth Estate Choice

With the ethically-sourced, natural hair care products from Fifth Estate you get the peace of mind that comes with not only looking good but doing good. You’ve made the commitment to using a product that is good for your body, good for those around you and good for the planet.

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