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How to Grow a Healthy Beard

Treat your beard like a tree… huh? We always get asked what the best way to maintain a good and healthy beard is. The Gentleman is often one that may have a beard, but has never thought about grooming. Outside of wondering why does a growing beard itches, or scratching the beard makes a snowfall of dead skin. Well. It should not be that hard to look after. Most gentlemen have an idea about what’s needed for growing a mighty oak, so let’s talk on those terms. But before we start with the solution, let’s discuss the science of how a beard actually grows. How does beard hair grow? Beard hair grows from a root in the individual follicles on...

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How to Style Your Hair in 2020

We take it you’ve done something with your hair before, but have you thought about your style. How does the type of hair you have and the shape of your head factor into a good or bad look? Define your head shape It's generally understood that not all hairstyles will look good on everyone. This has to do with your facial shape and features. Stand in front of a mirror, and pull your hair back. If you have long hair, you may want to tie that back. The simplest way is to look in the mirror and make an assessment of the shape. Look at our diagrams as a guide. Pick a hairstyle that compliments the shape of your face...

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Make Your Style Natural

You’ve worked hard to develop your personal style. The right shoes, the right shirts, they’re all important. Putting effort into your appearance makes you come across as more confident and put together - more adult - to everyone from romantic partners, coworkers and employers.Plus, you want to look good in that Instagram story, right?Fifth Estate’s line of Tasmanian-made natural hair products combine your desire to both look good and spend your money supporting environmentally-responsible goods and companies. Why choose Fifth Estate? Environmentally Responsible Studies show people in their 20s and 30s are willing to spend a little more to support environmentally-sustainable products and companies. That’s why we’re committed to offering you hair wax, hair pomade and other grooming and style...

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